Canberra Airport Guide to Canberra Airport (CBR)

Canberra Airport Terminal map

Canberra Airport has a single passenger terminal split into the Eastern and the South concourses. The domestic terminal is split by the atrium into the two concourses and has an eco-friendly design: glass walls, terrazzo flooring and art. Regarding the international terminal, it is a brand new terminal with plenty of modern and art designed facilities which hosts Singapore Airlines flights, among others.

Transfer between levels

Canberra Airport Terminal is split into three levels. You can transfer between them by the lifts and escalators available in each floor.



Canberra Airport terminal is divided into two three as follows:

Ground level

This is the Arrivals level. Find in this level the International Arrivals gates, with gate A and gate B. Services available: Baggage services (oversize baggage, Virgin and Qantas baggage services), prayer room, baby care room, first aid station, toilets, disabled access, ATMs, public phones, Travelex services, Customer service office and ground transportation options (taxi, bus and car rental booths). Lifts and escalators to access to the upper level.

First level

Find in this level the Domestic Departures. This is the level where there are the check-in counters and the security screening. On the west side there are the Virgin lounges and boarding gates 3 to 8. Regarding the east side, you can find the Qantas lounges, Qantas Customer Service and boarding gates 9 to 14. Services available: Baby care room, toilets, baggage carousels, disabled access, first aid station, baggage services, Travelex services, food and drink concessions, retail stores and lifts and escalators to access to the lower level. Outside this level, you can find the passenger drop off.

Second level

In the upper level, you can find the International Departures lounge. Services available: Customs, immigration, transit lounges, baggage screening, currency exchange, duty-free shops, processing points, private meeting rooms, food, drink and retail concessions.


The following airlines serves Canberra Airport:

- Fly Pelican: +61 2 4965 0111
- Tigerair: +61 1300 174 266
- Singapore Airlines: +61 2 13 10 11
- Qantas: +61 2 13 13 13
- Virgin Australia: +61 2 13 67 89



Find the services displayed below in Canberra Airport:

- Baggage services
- Luggage claim
- Baggage carousels
- Prayer room
- Baby care room
- First aid station
- Disabled access
- ATMs
- Public phones
- Travelex Services
- Customer Service Office
- Check-in counters
- Security Screening
- Virgin lounges
- Qantas lounges
- Qantas customer service
- Toilets
- Retail stores
- Customs
- Immigration
- Transit lounges
- Baggage screening
- Currency exchange
- Private meeting rooms
- Processing points
- Free Wi-Fi Internet connection
- SIM cards